About Us

Tidewater Games (TWG) is Virginia's alternative video game store and your source for new and used video games, systems, accessories, and more! We also carry t-shirts, collectibles, strategy guides, and magazines. Tidewater Games officially opened its virtual doors in early 2018, though the roots of the company had been in the planning stages for the past several years.

The company was founded by Jeff Jones who is still the owner of the business as well as the President of Tidewater Games LLC. We currently do not have a physical store location but we do accept mail orders, returns, and other correspondence at our Newport News mailing address. All orders are shipped out of either Newport News, VA or Hampton, VA.

Whether you're looking to relive your childhood of nights and weekends lounging out in the living room or den trying to beat Bowser in Super Mario Bros., or gaming with friends near and far on PSN, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Online, TWG has everything you need for an epic gaming session!

Enjoy a dose of nostalgia with our selection of retro games, systems, and accessories for the NES, SNES, Atari 2600, Game Boy, PlayStation, Xbox, and more! Or pre-order the hottest new releases and get them delivered straight to your door for even more fun!

So what makes Tidewater Games different from other video game stores? Well we're a mom and pop company for one thing. Every aspect of the business is run by one person, Jeff Jones. We offer products from just about every platform imaginable, including ones a lot of other stores do not carry. Want to grab a Leapster product for your young ones? We have 'em! How about Nvidia Shield? We've got those too! Don't forget to look the part with our selection of gaming apparel, t-shirts, hats, and more! We even carry high end collectibles from First 4 Figures and Gaming Heads, and even gaming Christmas Ornaments! For more on what makes us different, check out our page discussing The TWG Difference here.

Jeff Jones - President, Tidewater Games LLC
Jeff Jones - President, Tidewater Games LLC

Jeff Jones, the founder, owner, and President of Tidewater Games LLC is a lifelong gamer and has been playing games since the NES days, over 30 years now. He has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration: Management from Christopher Newport University and when not running Tidewater Games he works full-time in an IT position. When not playing video games, running the business, or working, Jeff enjoys relaxing around the home, spending time with family and friends, visiting theme parks, riding roller coasters, and occasional traveling.